About us

Are you ready for great post-apocalyptic adventure?

We are located in under ground, in original atomic shelter built during Cold War that was supposed to keep us safe in case of nuclear War. During your visit you will learn more about history of this place.

You can visit our immersive rooms filled with various types of interesting, unconventional riddles.

We have a lot of advanced mechanical , electronic and conventional riddles that will surprise even experienced players.  

Collect your team

Choose time and date

Find clues and solve riddles

You’ve got only 60 minutes.

Celebrate victory!

Recommend us to your friends!

What is escape room?

Escape room is a real-life adventure game when teams have to solve a series of logical, mechanical and electronic puzzles to escape the room when they’re locked. You will have to find clues , tools and hidden chambers to accomplish your mission.

It is great team-building experience. Good choice for families, friends, co-workes, corporate events, birthday parties.

We have specially adapted scenarios for kids!

Things to do in Warsaw

Many people, especially those who are foreigners or inhabitants of different towns and villages of Poland often wonder what to do in Warsaw. The capital offers a great amount of things to do in Warsaw – you can choose between plenty of activities and ways of spending free time. When it is holiday time you can enjoy interesting activities such as watching films in outdoor cinema on the bank of the Vistula river. Other things to do in Warsaw during summer you can choose between concerts and more unusual forms of entertainment such as, for instance, exploring escape rooms.

There are few of them in Polish capital, so every single time you are wondering what to do in Warsaw, please consider visiting an escape room. Christmas time is perfect for taking long romantic walks around Krakowskie Przedmiescie street, which is decorated with beautiful and colorful illuminations every winter – this also make it a perfect place for having a glass of mulled wine or tasting some delicious food. However, if such things do not really entertain you, and you still wonder what to do in Warsaw, go to one of the escape rooms located in the city and have a great time solving different riddles and trying to find the escape!

What to do in Warsaw?

The end of the calendar year is always celebrated with great pomp in Warsaw. On the New Year’s Eve there are a lot of things to do in Warsaw – different concerts, parties and other activities. Escape rooms are open also on such days! So, if regular parties are too boring for you and the thing you expect from spending free time is getting a little thrill, escape room will be perfect for you, in opposite to different things to do in Warsaw. It is a great idea not only for geeks, but also for whole families and packs of friends! Escape room is perfect for spending a day off also during the session in college. After difficult examinations students often wonder what to do in Warsaw. Instead of drinking till dropping you can have fun in a way that will engage your mind, but at the same time let you relax.


Prisoned in a fallout

You’ve been locked in post-apocalyptic prison for Dictators overthrow attempt.

The situation seems hopeless, but … more

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Dictators secret headquarters.

Planned opening on: 09.09.2017

You have to break into the crazy dictator’s headquarters and deprive him of the possibility to start another nuclear war.

You have only an hour to complete your mission … more

Room 3

under construction

They locked us in dark room. We’ve heard something about experiments but we are not sure what they meant. You feel someone observing you. Is he a sientist or just some kind of lunatic.

Prepare yourself for crazy things.


Weekend: Friday – Sunday

Dictator’s secret headquarters

2 people – 190 pln

3 people – 210 pln

4 people – 220 pln

5 people – 240 pln

Imprisoned in a bunker

2 os. – 200 pln

3 os. – 225 pln

4 os. – 240 pln

5-6 os. – 260 pln

Tuesday – Thursday lower prices

Dictator’s secret headquarters

2 people – 160 pln

3 people – 180 pln

4 people – 200 pln

5 people – 220 pln

Imprisoned in a bunker

2 os. – 280 pln

3 os. – 210 pln

4 os. – 220 pln

5-6 os. – 240 pln


8 Gates Escape Room

ul. Kasprowicza 81/85
entrance IV, app. 88
01-836 Warsaw


mobile +48 789 182 777 (general and room reservation)
phone  +48 789 259 557 (directly to Game Masters)
We take reservations through website minimum 4 hours in advance. If there's less time left till you planned visit, please call us.